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Officers Page

Latin American Student Association

This page is to allow members to see and familiarize themselves with our officers.

Allison Strickland (President)

My name is Allison Strickland.  I am the current President of the Latin American Student’s Association.  I learned Spanish living in southern California, serving a mission for my church.  I am a foreign language education major- Spanish.  I am currently doing an internship at Southland Christian Academy where I teach Spanish K-5 and high-school Spanish I and II.  I love it, but it sure is a challenge sometimes.  I am from Brantley County Georgia, but currently live in Valdosta with two awesome roommates.  I have study abroad in Mexico twice and hope to make it a third time this summer.  I love the Hispanic culture and love sharing it with others.  I hope anyone interested will join LASA just to learn a little more about some amazing people.


Our other officers have yet to submit bio's or photos, but are as follows.


Jennifer Babjak (Vice President)

Erin Whittle (Parliamentarian)

Wayne “Flip” Carter (Events Chairman)

Karlo Romero (Technology Coordinator)

Dr. Luis Bejarano (Faculty Advisor)





Elizabeth Huard (Secretary)

My name is Elizabeth Huard.  I am the secretary of LASA.  I am not from any particular place because my Dad is retired Air Force. I was born in Louisiana, and then spent the first ten years of my life in Altus, Oklahoma, which is not the most spectacular place on the map, but a nice place to spend childhood eating melting popsicles in 101-degree sweltering summer heat (which is no match for the humid heat here). Then at age ten I moved to Valdosta and have lived here ever since.  I am Spanish major at VSU and I will be graduating at the end of Summer 2007 after I go to Guadalajara!!! However, I will be continuing with my education.  HOW EXHAUSTING BUT EXCITING!!! I want to become a Spanish professor, but I haven’t decided my area of focus yet.   I do know that I want to teach at the University level.  Also, if you haven’t read Lazarillo de Tormes, READ IT, because within the pages lie some of the most important lessons in life!!! I believe that diversity is MUY IMPORTANTE and I promote it in any way possible, as well as open-mindedness.  And by the way…I’m not as serious as I look in my picture! J

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.

Latin American Student Association
Valdosta State University